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Millions of players can't lie

Guide the fate of an Elven or Human village and take your people on an epic journey: Build your city and develop it into the capital of Elvenar.

Research new technologies and conquer provinces, expand your power & influence and allow your city to blossom. Our players say that Elvenar is an amazing fantasy city builder with awesome gameplay!

Our players are passionate players

  1. Hundreds of thousands of players play Elvenar every single day.
  2. Nearly half a million new players per month
  3. More than 150,000 likes on Facebook

The top 3 most beautiful cities in Elvenar

Here you can see some of the most beautiful cities from Elvenar, as chosen by our community. Each city is beautiful in its own way, whether big or small, artistic & complex or simple & elegant. Read on below and find out why these cities are some of the most beautiful Elvenar has to offer!




Everybody starts small!

Meet this tiny but picturesque human city by Alejandros from Spain.

We can’t wait to see how this town will develop.




A touch of whimsy

See those Watermills and flowery buildings in Primrose's elven city?

This player sure knows how to bring that magical touch.




Master of efficiency

Evindal is a perfectionist. You can see it in the way he or she neatly arranged the buildings to not waste any valuable space.

"I love the game"

Elvenar is played around the world and we really love how our players share their experience with the game through many channels, such as Facebook or YouTube.

What players enjoy about the game

Elvenar is a free to play browser based game, where you will build a flourishing city and discover a magical world full of mysteries.

Players love building different types of cities in Elvenar some focus on building the most beautiful cities while others prefer making their city as efficient as possible. In Elvenar the choice is yours!

To build your city your way you will need to explore Elvenars vast world map to gather the knowledge of your wise ancestors and discover new technologies.

You can either become a skilled and well known trader, refine your production or lead your troops to victory in 3D-animated battles, the decision is up to you.

The way you build your city defines which type of player you are: competitive, explorative, collaborative.

Here's what you can focus on in Elvenar:



They increase the number of your town residents and produce coins


They allow you to produce supplies which you mainly need – together with coins – to build new and improved buildings.


With the help of goods you can explore new technologies, for example. You can trade them with other players.


To expand your empire you can trade new sectors for goods or fight for them. You recruit your army in a military building.

Main Hall

By upgrading your main hall you increase storage capacity for your coins and supplies.

Magic Academy

Produces spells to improve the production of supplies or goods and activate other boosts.


The marketplace to trade goods with other players

Ancient wonders

Remarkable buildings, that stand out. Ancient wonders give different bonuses like supplies and coins. In order to build one, you need to gather a complete set of 9 runes.

Elf or Human? Build magical, splendid cities

Guide the fate of an Elven or Human village and take your people on an epic journey: Build your city and develop it into the capital of Elvenar! Do so by researching technologies and conquering new provinces … thereby expanding your power and allowing your city to truly blossom. Elvenar – the fantasy city builder game with amazing gameplay!

Your city is the center of attention. Here you can prove that you are a worthy builder and the way you build your city defines, which type of player you are – competitive, explorative, collaborative. Every type of building fulfills a specific purpose.


Lead epic battles

Golems, Sword Dancers, Mages – deploy your troops tactically and lead them to victory in 3D animated battles. Conquer new provinces and fight for magic Relics, which speed up your goods production.


Become a great economic power!

The key to success in Elvenar requires cooperation and good business sense. Help your neighbors and in turn you will be helped! Demonstrate your skill in trading with other players: which resources do they need? How much are you prepared to pay? The Trader is the place to bargain and exchange.


Guilds: Join a team

Joining a guild in Elvenar can be of great benefit for you. Not only can you play with your friends or get to know other players, guilds can also assist you to progress faster in the game by easier trading and mutual help.

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